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Chocolate – Does it Really Matter?

Hi Everyone, I know. I KNOW. You think I’m nuts. Does it matter? Of course it matters! It keeps us sane, happy and alive. So […]

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The Perfect Chocolate Sheet Cake

  Hi Everyone, Finding the perfect recipe does not have to be hard especially if you have a friend who always has the best recipes. […]

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The Silver Scarf

Hi Everyone, Do you ever feel like the men in your life are from Mars or the women are from Venus? Well this story goes […]

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Personal Stories From Around the World

Hi Everyone, Yesterday I picked up the phone and found that I was talking to someone from Thailand! It started me thinking back to the […]

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Chanuka Colors

          Bringing New Color To The Festival Of Lights Chanukah. The Festival of Lights. Calm and cozy, lighting up those dark […]

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  Hi Everyone, One of the aspects I love most about being a cake decorator is the challenge of a new cake. So when someone […]

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