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Shipping and Delivery

Wherever your heart is, we can go too.


We love seeing people in our Beit Shemesh shop, but not everyone can make it here in person.

We offer delivery all around Israel. Please select delivery at the checkout.

With handcrafted products, orders can take up to three days to process so there is no same day delivery.


Next day orders received after 12pm Israeli time are subject to a $15.00 rush fee.

Orders for Shabbat must be received by Wednesday 5 p.m. Israel time to insure that delivery for Shabbat.

If you have more than one delivery destination, please contact us at our NY # 516-732-6114 or to help process your order.

The recipients will be contacted 1-2 days before delivery and will be informed of the day and the approximate time.

If the recipient fails to accept delivery and has not made other prior arrangements for delivery then the item(s) ordered will go back to the store. Since delivery was attempted, there is no refund for that delivery. The recipient will then be notified that the item is available for pick up. In order to deliver a second time, the order will be charged another delivery fee and must be paid before the second attempt is made. If failure for delivery is due to the recipient, then money can not be refunded for product purchased.


Shipping and Delivery Prices for all Orders.

Please note rush orders will be charged an additional fee.


City $
Afula 150
Akko 180
Ashdod 50
Ashkelon 50
Bat Yam 40
Be’er Sheva 75
Beit Shean 155
Beit Shemesh 8
B’nei Brak 25
Caesarea 105
Dead Sea 130
Gush 26
Haifa 140
Hashmonaim 35
Herzliya 60
Hod Hashron 65
Holon 40
Kfar Saba 65
Kiryat Arba 40
Kiryat Sefer 30
Kiryat Tivon 115
Modiin 25
Moshav Aderet 18
Nes Tziona 35
Netanya 90
Ramat hasharon/ Ra’anana 40
On Friday – 40
Ramat Bet Shemesh A/B 8
Ramat Bet Shemesh G 8
Rehovot 30
Tel Aviv/ Ramat Gan/ Bar Ilan/ Givat Shmuel/ Givat Zeev 40
Tiveria 170
Tzomet Shimson 10
Yad Binyamin 30
Yericho 40
Yerushalayim 18


Shipping and delivery-


How are cakes delivered?

All our cakes are hand delivered prices below – list prices on that page

Why can’t cakes be delivered in a less expensive fashion like DHL ?

Our top priority is to make sure all our orders are delivered the way they left the bakery; that is with tender loving care to ensure a timely arrival and an impeccable experience for your recipient.

I want my delivery to be a surprise – why do I need to supply a phone number?

We understand surprises are fun; we are sure you understand address mistakes can be made. If we are given a wrong building number or apartment number we need to be able to reach the recipient or their gift will not be able to be delivered.