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Kosher Cakery only uses the highest of quality ingredients, but Kashrus is our #1 priority.

Kosher Cakery is under the hashgacha of Badatz Mehadrin Rav Rubin.



“Not only was the sefer themed cake cool but more important it tasted great!”

– Rabbi Yaakov Bender, Far Rockaway, NY

“We just had Devorah do a cake deorating demo at our Chabad fundraiser. She left us her gorgeous cakes to eat and they were wonderful melt in your mouth masterpieces. Devorah was amazing to watch. She gave practical and easy tips on her delicious creations.The women were extremely excited to get home and practice the adorable creations they had just learned to make. Thanks Devorah for an entertaining and outstanding demo!”

– Chabad of West Hempstead

“I have had the pleasure of eating Devorah’s cakes and cupcakes for years. They are delicious, original, and made to order. Working with Devorah is easy, she is flexible, prompt, and always delivers on her promises. I trust her implicitly. I have every intention of using her services for my kids in Israel and for my own consumption!”

– Dodi Lamm

“As a person who loves Kosher Cakes, I must say that the name Kosher Cakery says it all!!! The best Cakes and Cookies especially the Menorah and Dreidel cookies and the different pastries for each Holiday! Devorah puts her heart and soul into everything she makes! I highly recommend the Kosher Cakery!!! Welcome to Israel and happy eating!!!!”

– Lenny Solomon, Shlock Rock. Beit Shemesh, Israel

“West Hempstead’s loss is Israel’s gain. We are sorry to be losing Devorah from West Hempstead, but it’s reassuring to know that we have this wonderful connection in Israel. Devorah just conducted a cake decorating class for our Chabad group, and not only did we all have a great time, but we learned how to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes etc., and then we got to eat these delicious works of art! It’s nice to know that we have someone to contact to send these beautiful goodies to our families in Israel for a variety of occasions.”

– Joni Nathanson

“If you have never seen or had a piece of cake from Devorah Altman’s “Kosher Cakery,” then you have been deprived! Devorah is a talented baker and a very talented artist. Just tell her the concept you want to achieve, and sit back and prepare to be amazed. For example, when my office mate gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl) and folks in our office made a surprise party/shower for her, Devorah created a delicious sheet cake decorated with pink and blue onesies and bibs, with a teddie bear centerpiece. Everyone present raved about the cake and the decorations, including the new mom. When a friend recently graduated, and we hosted a surprise party, Devorah made the most incredible cake in the shape of a graduation hat, complete with a small diploma running down the side, containing an inscription with the graduate’s name and new degree. None of the fifty or so people in attendance could believe that the entire cake was edible, including the mortarboard, tassles, diploma, etc., but when they tasted the cake, they were certainly glad nothing was made of cardboard or plastic.

“In addition to being a fabulous baker, Devorah is extremely honest, reliable, and dependable; if you need your cake by a certain date and time, you will have it by then. Her kashrut standards are of the highest quality, and she is a “super mentsch.” Whether you are planning a simcha for a few people, or a party for many, if you want a special cake (or cakes/cupcakes) for a particular occasion, the person to contact is Devorah Altman. You will never be disappointed. She will accommodate your color scheme, and work with you to meet all of your needs to the best of her ability. I am confident that you will not be disappointed, and I endorse her without any reservations.


– Robin Einbinder, West Hempstead, New York, USA

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