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We love cakes almost as much as we love the smile on people’s faces when they see our cakes.

Kosher Cakery owner, and cake creator extraordinaire, Devorah Altman came to Israel on Aliyah five years ago. Even as a single mother with limited Hebrew, in that short time she turned her hobby into a thriving business.

This former teacher knew that she wanted to try something different when she arrived in Israel. Friends encouraged her to make her cake-baking hobby into a business. She started baking in her home kitchen which soon took over the dining room, and living room. When it came time to buy her third oven,it was obvious that the business needed a more permanent home.

Today the delightfully inviting Kosher Cakery shop is nestled in the Sheinfeld Shopping Center in BS. With tables to sit at, fresh coffee made on the spot, and of course a constant selection of cupcakes and cookies to round it off, it’s the perfect place to hang out. Come with friends, or by yourself and we’ll keep you company! You can even watch as cake decorating magic happens behind the counter.